New Black and White Surrealist Self-Portraits by Noell Oszvald

Visual artist Noell Osvald (previously) creates startlingly bold works through simple gestures all performed in black and white. The self-portraits rarely show the 25-year-old artist’s face, instead expressing emotion through the way she tilts her head or slightly crooks her neck. Emphasizing line, her works incorporate a strict horizon or eliminate it altogether, segmenting the image from left to right. In one particularly powerful image the back of her head faces the camera and her hair is completely down. Her hair is gently separated over her shoulders and her part continues upward from the nape of her neck and meets with the corner of the wall above. She stands directly in the center of this division, making it seem as if her environment is splitting her in two. Continue Sailing

Starting With the Earth as a Marble, This Is the First Timelapse of the Solar System to Scale

When looking in a science textbook or a toy mobile of the solar system, it’s easy to depict the sun, planets and moon to scale in comparison to each other. What’s not so easy to visually comprehend the staggering distance that separates each planet on its individual orbit around the sun. Filmmakers Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet challenged themselves to build such a model and the result is this fascinating short film To Scale. Continue Sailing

Throne of Kings: The Art of War Chess

A classic game of chess where intellectual wars are enjoyed using finely crafted pieces of art. Behold “The Art of War” Continue Sailing

Photography by Cansu Ozkaraca

Cansu Ozkaraca is a London based fashion and portrait photographer who specializes in portraiture, fashion, and model portfolios photography. Continue Sailing

New Cubist Tattoos by Peter Aurisch

Based in a quiet undisclosed studio a short train ride outside of downtown Berlin, artist Peter Aurisch creates some of the most original tattoos in the city—and in a place with an estimated 2,000 tattoo artists, that’s saying something. To keep his ideas fresh and original, Aurisch may only begin planning a new piece when the client first arrives. He tends to work freehand without sketches or source imagery, and instead draws inspiration from stories and details provided by his customers. Continue Sailing

“Let’s Never Leave” Debut Lookbook by Girl with the Temporary Tattoo

The leftover sun caresses them long after the clouds have gathered above their resting spot: pastel ruins watched over by green Hawaiian palms. Sweet, mischievous laughter escapes them as they explore, hand in hand. There is a book, an apple, an old film camera. Continue Sailing

Parents Trolling Daughter’s Photos

Incredibly chilled out parents perfectly trolled their offspring on the Internet. Their daughter Emily Musson selfies with her boyfriend on Twitter until her parents began to imitate young people’s behaviour. Continue Sailing

Fist Bump with Traffic Signals

Walking up to this traffic you need to greet by a fist bump otherwise you wouldn’t be able to cross the street. The project called the Walkbump was created in Los Angeles by Alfredo Adán. Continue Sailing

27 Wonderful Free PSD UI Kits – September 2015 Edition

Design amazing web & app interfaces with these absolutely free UI Kits. In this compilation, we are presenting 27 Wonderful Free PSD UI Kits. These kits can be used for designing websites, IOS apps and other apps. These kits will provide the designers with some incredible inspiration and help them to explore the latest user interface trends. Continue Sailing