Dark Lord of the Sith “DARTH VADER” by @ANDRESZEN

The illustrator ANDRESZEN gives us a new piece of this tribute to Star Wars “The Force Awakens”. Continue Sailing

Photographer Angelica Dass Matches Skin Tones with Pantone Colors

For her ongoing project ‘Humanæ‘, photographer Angelica Dass takes portraits of people from all around the world to match their skin tones with the PANTONE® color system. To create a photo background of the same color, a sample of 11×11 pixels of the portrait’s face is extracted digitally. The photographer’s aim is to document every human skin tone on earth. Continue Sailing

Vibrantly Hued Canvas Sculptures by Artist Duo ‘Stallman’

Meticulously folding canvas and layering color, the art duo Stallman (Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum) turn a traditional painting surface on its head, using the structure of the canvas to give their works vibrant depth. The two artists are deeply inspired by gradients found in the natural world, their color selection and positioning appearing almost topographic. Continue Sailing

Richard Colman’s Exhibition at Chandran Gallery, San Francisco

Richard Colman paints like an illustrator. Vibrant colours, female forms, balance. Although he has said “Color is not something I am very comfortable with, I am not a natural colorist, he expresses a lot of his thinking through colour. “for me is just the challenge, but I also like the idea of making thematically dark paintings using very bright colors”. This is evident. Continue Sailing

A Nice Find! A 1967 Porsche 911S Barn Find

You know, we all dream of finding our classic dream ride in a barn somewhere. Well, recently Nick Zabrecky recently had his dreams come true, and today we get a look at his 1967 Porsche 911S Barn Find. Nick Zabrecky, of LBI Limited, found this legendary ride a friend had in his barn, where it had been parked for years. Continue Sailing

4 Free Book Mock-ups

Free presentation mock-up template for your new book design from Vectogravic Designs. Get your new book design presentation in seconds. Download from Dealjumbo and enjoy 😉 Continue Sailing

The Level by Fluidstance

You were designed to move – It’s likely your workspace was not. The patent-pending technology of the Level elicits subtle, constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. The Level is the perfect addition to a standing desk, gaming system, or classroom. Continue Sailing

Erotic Photos by Bettina Rheims Simulate the Female Orgasm (NSFW)

For ‘Just Like a Woman’, Paris-based photographer Bettina Rheims takes an intimate and titillating look at the female body, positioning herself directly above a set of nude models as they dramatize the moment of orgasm. Continue Sailing