NASA Releases Trove of Over 8,000 HD Photos from the Apollo Moon Missions

Astronaut John L. Swigert, Jr., Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot, holds the “mailbox,” a makeshift device used to purge carbon dioxide from the Lunar Module that played a significant role in saving the doomed astronauts lives. Apollo 13 Hasselblad image from film magazine. Continue Sailing

Alien Landscapes

These stunning photographs may look like alien planets, but they are actually satellite images of planet Earth. Commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe recently released the images as a way of highlighting the incredible detail of their imagery – the highest-resolution commercial satellite imagery in the world. Some of the images – taken above Afghanistan, Algeria, Peru, Russia and the United States – look more like abstract works by Mondrian than segments of the globe. DigitalGlobe, based in Westminster, Colo., launched its first satellite in 1999 and currently has four in operation. Here: Sutter, California. (Photo by DigitalGlobe/Caters News) Continue Sailing

Shocking Real Stories of Feral Children Told with Dark Photos

“Feral Children” is the latest photo-project by German-born, London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten. This newest series of staged photos takes a darker look at growing up under unusual circumstances. Fullerton-Batten rose to fame after her “Teenage Stories” series in 2005, which explored a girl’s transition to womanhood. Continue Sailing

Adidas Boost Urban Hiker

Endless energy for hiking trails and streets. This hip casual boot makes comfort and warmth easy with boost energy-return comfort and PrimaLoft insulation. Extraordinary Continental Rubber outsole grip. Continue Sailing

Moneywrap Wallet

Minimize your wallet and carry your cards and cash in style. Continue Sailing

Alexandre Dubosc’s Newest Animated Zoetrope Cake, ‘Melting Pop’

French director and animator Alexandre Dubosc (previously) returns with his latest quirky confection, a towering animated zoetrope cake called Melting POP. This really defies any meaningful description, so just give it a watch and smile. And if you liked this, there’s quite a few more. Continue Sailing

Products of The Day #444

Experience The Feeling of Flight. The Hoverboard is the most thrilling imaginable form of personal transportation. Our unique self-balancing system uses ground contacting sonar to float the rider over every contour. What Makes The Hoverboard So Awesome? The Hoverboard is a Tesla, compressed down to scooter-size. We’ve designed the components that deliver the MOST POWER of any comparable PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle), unprecedented Range/Weight, Power/Weight and Power/Volume ratios. – 5k watt motor / 25lbs, – 16 mph, – 10 mile range, – 16 min charge time. Continue Sailing

Home Whiskey Still

The Whiskey Still Company´s handcrafted pot stills are not only beautiful, but provide huge distillation versatility, including: Whiskey, Scotch, Rum, Bourbon, Cognac, Schnapps, Tequila, Vodka, and Moonshine. Continue Sailing

Clever, Well-observed Editorial Illustrations from Toronto-based Peter Thomas Ryan

On first glance Toronto-based illustrator Peter Thomas Ryan’s style appears simple and almost naive in some images, but the cleverness lies in his ideas and composition. Peter’s created work for The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, The Washington Post, Variety among a whole heap of others and it’s interesting to see how adaptable his work can be. Continue Sailing

SB House by Pitsou Kedem

The modernistic and clear-lined architectural shape logically hosts contemporary and trendy interior design. The raw concrete shapes and fittings are framed by black metal construct (including the elegant thin shapes of some of the furniture) and supplemented by wooden parquet and functional yet uniquely shaped furniture pieces. Continue Sailing