Parents Trolling Daughter’s Photos

Incredibly chilled out parents perfectly trolled their offspring on the Internet. Their daughter Emily Musson selfies with her boyfriend on Twitter until her parents began to imitate young people’s behaviour. Continue Sailing

Fist Bump with Traffic Signals

Walking up to this traffic you need to greet by a fist bump otherwise you wouldn’t be able to cross the street. The project called the Walkbump was created in Los Angeles by Alfredo Adán. Continue Sailing

27 Wonderful Free PSD UI Kits – September 2015 Edition

Design amazing web & app interfaces with these absolutely free UI Kits. In this compilation, we are presenting 27 Wonderful Free PSD UI Kits. These kits can be used for designing websites, IOS apps and other apps. These kits will provide the designers with some incredible inspiration and help them to explore the latest user interface trends. Continue Sailing

September 17: This Day in Photos from the Past

British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, rides aboard a British tank at Fallingbostel, West Germany, September 17, 1986. Mrs. Thatcher was making an official visit to British forces. (Photo by Joel Fink/AP Photo) Continue Sailing

This Floor is Made of Broken Shards of Glass and it’s Amazing

Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ Studio to create a laboratory of ideas – LAB LZ by GT. This partnership has resulted in a space that has been designed specifically for Casa Cor Rio. Continue Sailing

Fashion Art Beauty Photography by Daniel Sannwald

Daniel Sannwald is a German fashion photographer with a flair for integrating unique technologies into his work. He is well-known for the importance he gives to make-up aesthetics, sometimes subtle, striking or totally surrealistic. Continue Sailing

How To Use The Golden Ratio In Graphic Design

Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist, mathematician, and one of the world’s most renowned artists. Hopefully you’ve seen his master painting, The Mona Lisa. (If not, take a field trip to an art museum and get some culture in your life ASAP.) Continue Sailing

Halo Master Chief & Akira Prints

Carrying on the Theme of my recent Star Wars and Game of Thrones Prints, I have illustrated two Prints based on Halo and Akira. Continue Sailing