Gods & Beasts: Raw Portraits Show An Ambiguous Hierarchy Between Humans And Animals

A solitary voyage through Europe and Asia, led Rémi Chapeaublanc to Mongolia. The discovery of this country, where Man has not yet desecrated Nature, fed his thinking to create the photographic series Gods & Beasts. Continue Sailing

Winners of the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Still life, Edwin Giesbers, The Netherlands. Amphibians and Reptiles, WINNER. Continue Sailing

Spooky New Stuff in the Colossal Shop

We’ve added a number of creepy things in the Colossal Shop this month for Halloween. Paper Dandy’s newest DIY paper kirigami (fold & cut) book, Horrorgami, featuring 20 sinister scenes inspired by haunted houses and horror films. Take a sip from seven different Creature Cups that reveal critters lurking in your morning brew by Yumi Yumi. Lastly, some edible Chocolate Graffiti bars from UNELEFANTE. See more in our Halloween collection. Continue Sailing

These Incredibly Realistic Sculptures of Jellyfish Appear to Be Swimming in Glass

California-based Rick Satava found the sight of thousands of jellyfish lazily swimming in a glass aquarium mesmerizing when he visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the late 1980s. Continue Sailing

The Best Perfectly Timed Photos From Before It Was An Internet Meme

Perfectly timed photos from before the age of digital photography and smartphone cameras are even more impressive. Some of the best photographers of the time captured iconic moments on film. Continue Sailing

Glistening Snail Shells Painted on a Crumbling Croatian Facade by ‘Lonac’

Croatian artist Lonac recently finished work on this trio of snails painted on a dilapidated building in his hometown of Zagreb. Titled “Xenophora,” the mural depicts three photorealistic carrier snails pinned to the edges of the old building creating a compelling contrast between old and new. The piece was created for the Rendezvous Festival and you can see more views and process shots on his website. (via StreetArtNews) Continue Sailing

HidrateMe: Track Your Intake Water Bottle

HidrateMe is a reusable water bottle made from BPA-free, Tritan plastic that tracks how much you drink throughout the day and sends that information to the Hidrate app on your phone. When it’s time to drink more water, the sensor stick inside the bottle will glow to let you know that it’s time to re-hydrate. Continue Sailing

In 2001, Artist Ha Schult Wrapped a Former Berlin Post Office in Thousands of Oversized Love Letters Collected From the Public

German conceptual artist HA Schult (b. 1939) has often worked in the realm of other people’s trash, creating large scale-works that force art into everyday life and call attention to the massive consumption of Western society. In Schult’s installation “Trash People,” he built hundreds of human-sized figures with cans, license plates, and soda bottles—a trash army built from garbage dumps that has been traveling the world for the last 19 years. Continue Sailing