Victorian House in West London Transformed into Modern Dream Home

Design team at Callender Howorth transformed an outdated Victorian house in London into a modern dream home. Continue Sailing

The Cold Pressery With Raw-Inspired Interior Environment

Toronto-based 1POINT0 Design Studio has designed the interiors The Cold Pressery, establishment based in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. Continue Sailing

A Niche Collection Of 3D Printers And 3D Printed Accessories

The 3D Simo Mini was designed to be the ultimate tool, perfect for everyone. The Mini incorporates an LED display that shines through the minimalist case design and is also lighter and more compact that its predecessor without compromising speed or strength of the feed mechanism. Continue Sailing

A 17th-Century Stanchi Painting Reveals the Rapid Change in Watermelons through Selective Breeding

Giovanni Stanchi (Rome c. 1645-1672). Oil on canvas. 38 5/8 x 52½ in. (98 x 133.5 cm.) / Courtesy Christie’s Continue Sailing

Sci-Fi Future Inspired Fashion by Dustrial

The Dustrial brand explores the parallels of science fact and science fiction. How it shapes our perception of reality and time. The clothing design ranges from minimal monochromatic to maxing the electromagnetic spectrum. Continue Sailing

Meet The Two-Year-Old With Summit To Shout About! Adventurous Backpacking Toddler Scales Mountains

Bodhi Bennett went on his first outdoor adventure when he was just five days old. Continue Sailing

Unusual Hybrid Animal and Wildlife Murals Painted by Alexis Diaz

Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz (previously) brings textures and patterns reminiscent of traditional engraving techniques to his murals of phantasmagorical creatures using only a paintbrush. Twisting tentacles, strange fusions of anatomy, beings wrapped in plants, all rendered atop colorful gradients create an unmistakable style Diaz has become famous for. You can see much more of his work here. (via Cross Connect) Continue Sailing

San Francisco-Based Company Builds Guitars From Recycled Skateboard Decks

Nick Pourfard is 22-year-old artist, musician, and skateboarder currently combing his multiple talents into one package: guitars built from reclaimed skateboard decks. The San Francisco-based industrial design student taught himself woodworking to tackle the project which he branded as Prisma Guitars. Each instrument is 100% handmade and composed of skateboards that have been used or broken. Continue Sailing

This Portable Salt-Powered Lamp Stays Illuminated for 8 Hours on a Glass of Seawater

First the sea gave birth to life. Now, thanks to a trio of Philippine-based inventors, it is giving birth to light as well. Led by engineer Lipa Aisa Mijena, the team has developed a lamp that’s capable emitting light for 8 hours on just 1 cup of saltwater. Not only are the Philippines prone to natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes but the country is made up of over 7,000 islands, most of which do not have access to electricity, says the team. But one thing they do have is the sea, an abundant source of saltwater that can now be used to light homes and, in emergencies, power cell phones. Continue Sailing

Stunning 24k Gold Men’s Racing Bike

Embellished in a 24k gold shine, glam product designers, Goldgenie, recently released the most expensive bike you’ve ever seen. Priced at just over £200,000, this luxury product will certainly turn a few heads. Goldgenie’s specialists meticulously applied a luxurious layer of 24k gold to entire structure, from the tip of the drop handlebars to the wheel stays, and every other part in between. Continue Sailing