Artist Created A Series Of Illustrations To Help End Victim Blaming In The World

Men are just as capable of showing emotion and being loving parents as much as women are. Continue Sailing

Floatwing Houseboat

A company in Portugal called “Friday,” have designed Floatwing, a houseboat that can be shipped all over the world. With a fixed width of 6 metres and lengths ranging from 10 to 18 metres, the possibilities are almost endless. Whether you want a cosy studio or a fully furnished three-bedroom house, the freedom of nature is on your doorstep. Continue Sailing

Handmade Blown Glass Flora and Fauna by ‘Glass Symphony’

Ukrainian glass artist Nikita Drachuk of Glass Symphony creates all manner of glass spiders, octopi, and other critters by hand. He uses a method called lampworking, where a lamp or torch is used to melt rods of colored glass. Once in a molten state, the glass can be formed by blowing and shaping with various tools and small movements. You can see more of their delicate glass critters here. Continue Sailing

Hiroshi Nagai Paintings

Hiroshi Nagai is a Japanese artist raised at the countryside of Tokushima Prefecture. Continue Sailing

Amazing Food Art by Anna Keville Joyce

A nesting bird. (Photo by Anna Keville Joyce/Caters News) Continue Sailing

Towering Wooden Set Pieces and Combustible Monuments by Manolo Garcia

Spanish artist Manolo Garcia constructs towering replicas of renaissance-era sculptures, portraits, animals, and other decorative objects from his expansive workshop in Valencia, Spain. Garcia refers to his practice as ‘artistic carpentry’ and by looking at process photos of the studio’s work, that seems like a fair descriptor. Most of the set pieces, monuments, and sculptures built by Garcia begin with strips of wood that are applied to large architectural armature. The objects are usually so large they are first built in pieces and later assembled on-site. Continue Sailing

Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Rendered in Thread by Lauren Spark

Self-taught embroidery artist Lauren Spark was asked by her mother to create an embroidery of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Over the next month, Spark spent almost 60 hours working on the piece, using the Google Cultural Institute’s website to explore extremely high resolution views of the iconic painting to better mimic the strokes of paint, stitch by stitch (double-click the painting on Google’s site, the level of detail is incredible). The final piece is a surprisingly faithful interpretation, full of motion and color much like the original. Continue Sailing

Jimi Wuz Here… Hendrix Tribute Still Life Photo

Again! Finally found some time to finish the Jimi Hendrix Tribute, part II linework. The second illustration from the triptych dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. Continue Sailing

Workers Of The Small Workshop In Nicaragua Create Beautiful And Scary Masks

A child wearing a mask poses for a photo in the indigenous community of Monimbo in Masaya, Nicaragua, October 16, 2015. People prepare to participate in the popular annual festival called “The Aguizotes” held on the last Friday of October, where residents dress up as characters from legends and folklore mythology of Nicaragua. (Photo by Oswaldo Rivas/Reuters) Continue Sailing