Giro Contact Goggle

The breakthrough design of the all-new flagship EXV Contact goggle makes it easier than ever to adapt instantly to changing weather and light conditions. With a lens featuring self-locating magnets and a secure locking mechanism in its semi-frameless design, The Contact sets a new precedence in fast, accurate and secure goggle lens interchange. Continue Sailing

Slowly Rising: A Mesmerizing New Music Video by Hideki Inaba

Directed and animated by Hideki Inaba, this dense and intensely beautiful music video was created for the track Slowly Rising, off the album Full Circle by BEATSOFREEN. The 3-minute animation features an unceasing barrage of seemingly infinite creatures, hybrids of flora and fauna, that swarm and multiply in space like schools of fish or flowers in a field. (via prosthetic knowledge) Continue Sailing

This Represents The Future Of Technology Through Wearables

Place the mobile world in the palm of your hand, literally, with Miragii, the smart necklace with Bluetooth. Using a simple hand gesture, this necklace projects the details of incoming calls and text messages directly onto the palm of your hand. With another simple hand gesture, you can take the call or simply ignore it. Supporting Windows, iOS, and Android, Miragii comes in gold, silver, as well as black and white made of a beautiful allergy-free zirconia ceramic. More info Continue Sailing

Woman Takes Engagement Photos With A Pizza To Show It’s More Reliable Than A Man

19-year-old University of Lethbridge student Nicole Larson recently made a cheesy statement about relationships on her Facebook. The Canadian woman took sixteen “engagement” photos with a Pizza Hut pizza in an album captioned “I just want you. Nothing else, just you.” Continue Sailing

A Gorgeous Collection Of Bike Accessories For Modern Bike Riders

Turn your bike into a hanging decoration with bikefritz, the beautiful wooden bike shelf. Available in two designs, bikefritz offers functionality and elegance along with more space in your apartment. The Naturfritz version is treated with a thin finish for maintaining the wood design during frequent use. The Chessfritz, on the other hand, is made of sycamore and finished with black and white, resembling chess pieces. Continue Sailing

Delightful Colorful Murals Appear On Roads Only When It Rains

Hate the rain? What if it transformed a dull street into a river bursting with colorful fish? Continue Sailing

Hyper-Realistic Liquid Oil Paintings By Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey‘s paintings tap into a deep connection that we have with water. Through an almost hyper-realist approach she captures the water’s hypnotic fluidity, along with the suggestion of unexplored depths that might lie beneath its surface. This sense of a mysterious element in constant flux is the perfect place for memories and emotions to be let loose, where they can become encrypted in colour and light. Sarah’s paintings are all about this process: about our emotional affinity with the unknown. Continue Sailing

Relatable Illustrations Hilariously Reveal the Difficulties of Adulthood

When you’re a kid, it’s normal to dream about the freedom of adulthood. When you actually become an adult… you quickly realize that being a grown-up isn’t always a walk in the park. There are moments in adulthood that are equal parts difficult and hilarious, and since laughter tends to be the best form of medicine, illustrator Chaz Hutton has decided to capture the humor of these experiences in his simple, straight-to-the-point drawings. Continue Sailing