Ecuadorian Police Save Tiny Terrified Sloth in Most Adorable Highway Rescue Ever

A transit police officer kneels next to a sloth holding on to the post of a traffic barrier on a highway in this handout photo provided by Ecuador’s Transit Commission, in Quevedo, Ecuador on January 22, 2016. Transit police officers, who were patrolling the new highway found the sloth after it had apparently tried to cross the street and returned the animal to its natural habitat after a veterinarian found it to be in perfect condition, according to a press release. (Photo by Reuters/Ecuador’s Transit Commission) Continue Sailing

This Photograph of the NYC Winter Storm Looks Like an Impressionist Painting

Photo © Michele Palazzo. Jonas Blizzard in New York, 2016. Continue Sailing

Intimate Home In Tokyo Resembles A Kangaroo Pouch

Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura designed House SH located in Tokyo. Completed in 2005, this contemporary intimate home has a total floor area of 86.97 square meters. Continue Sailing

You’ll Love These Photos Of An Underwater Wedding In The 50s

If you thought weddings these day are over the top, just take a look at this incredible wedding from 1954. The couple actually planned a full wedding ceremony to take place underwater, complete with an underwater observation center for all their guests! Continue Sailing

Miniature DIY Paper Skeleton Kits by Tinysaur

The folks over at Brooklyn-based Tinysaurs build DIY paper model kits of the world’s smallest dinosaurs and other skeletons, both real and fictional. Each tiny kit stands about 2 inches tall when finished and takes about 20-30 minutes to assemble with a pair of tweezers. Kits are available as a standalone paper model, or as a deluxe kit with included borosilicate glass display dome. See more in their Etsy shop. (via So Super Awesome) Continue Sailing

Emotional Celebrity Portraits By Marc Hom

Marc Hom is a Danish fashion photographer whose work consists of celebrity, portrait, fashion, and advertising photography. He was born in 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Marc Hom has shot advertising campaigns for fashion brands such as Gucci, Max Mara, and Genny. His work has appeared in various publications such as W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, British Vogue, Men’s Vogue and many others. Continue Sailing

These Humorous Illustrations Perfectly Sum Up The Reality Of Living With Anxiety And Depression

British illustrator Gemma Correll has created comical illustrations to help her cope with the everyday struggles of living with clinical anxiety and depression. Correll — a graduate of the Norwich School of Art and Design — penned the comic-book style illustrations to raise awareness of the condition and to encourage people to speak more freely about the condition. Continue Sailing

Chinese Artist Paints Rock And Roll Stars As Deities In “Revels Of The Rock Gods”

Beijing based artist DU Kun incorporates his passion for rock music into his new oil painting series titled “Revels of the Rock Gods”. His works, which just debuted at Mizuma Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, are monumental portraits of rock musicians that appear carved out of mountains, cliffs, oceans, stones, trees and waterfalls. Continue Sailing

An Early Valentine’s ‘GIF(T)’ from Lonac

Here’s a fun new animated mural by Croatian artist Lonac (previously) who painted this anatomically-correct heart complete with an air duct aorta using nothing but freehand spray paint. You can take a peek at some of his ongoing projects over on Facebook. Continue Sailing

This Artist Combines Human And Animal Features Into A Single Self-Portrait

Forming a likeness between the animal kingdom and the human form, hungarian artist Flora Borsi has formed the series ‘animeyed’, which creates curious hybrid beings from two different species. The collection of self-portraits sees Borsi situated side-by-side six separate creatures: a cat, dove, blowfish, goldfish, snake and hare. The effect forms hybrid entities that play with the perception of the viewer and cleverly display the physical similarities between the human and animal features. Continue Sailing