LEVIT8 – The Flat Folding Portable Standing Desk

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The Flat Folding Standing Desk, with a twist (literally)! Its functionality and form stem from its simple mechanism- an age-old box-twist folding technique. No parts, no assembly. It allows you to seamlessly switching between sitting and standing positions. The S and M-sized ones can even slip right into your laptop case when collapsed for ultimate portability and easy storage. LEVIT8 gives us the flexibility of transforming any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk anytime, anywhere. A cool and affordable way for anyone to start off his journey towards a healthier (and more fun) way of working.


Barely 2 days into its 30-day Kickstarter campaign period, it managed to raise over 100% of its first funding goal!


A closed loop of triangular panels leaning on each other creates a stable base that is able to support more than 20 times its own weight.


Crafted from especially tough fabric that is water-repellent and stain-proof, it’s hardy enough to follow you on all your adventures and survive your coffee spills!


LEVIT8 doesn’t just elevate your laptop. Use it for storage (eg.magazines, chargers), as a decorative item, as temporary folder to protect your worksheets or to prop up other things like your Launchpad if you’re a DJ!


By choosing the right size for yourself, LEVIT8 keeps your shoulders relaxed and elbows bent at 90 degrees while you are using your laptops as experts recommend. However, laptops have an inherent ergonomic fault: the screen is next to the keyboard, so you always have to look down. But if you have a detached keyboard, LEVIT8 helps to raise the screen to eye level when you sit to type.

Standing all day is as bad as sitting all day, because the key is movement, no matter how small. Our bodies are not built to be still for such prolonged hours.


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